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On this page there is information about seeking asylum in Finland

An asylum seeker is entitled to basic services

As an asylum seeker, you are entitled to basic services under the law. The reception centre where you will live during the processing of your asylum application is responsible for providing the necessary basic services.

Finland has reception centres all over the country, even in small, sparsely populated localities. The decision about where to place you will be made according to which reception centre has room. Conditions are usually institutional and modest.

Prepare for the fact that you may have to share a room with several asylum seekers. You may also be accommodated in a private home, such as with your relatives or friends. The State will not, however, pay for your accommodation, and you must take care of any possible expenses yourself, for example from the reception allowance that you receive.

Minors who arrive in Finland without a guardian are placed in a centre for children and young people. In Finland, children seeking asylum also attend school. This applies to both girls and boys.

The purpose of the services of reception centres is to take care of your basic needs. The aim is to increase and maintain your well-being and improve your ability to function – in cooperation with you. When you live at a reception centre, you must observe the centre’s rules and safety guidelines.

If you do not have the means to provide for yourself, you will be paid a reception allowance. The purpose of the reception allowance is to provide necessary income. At some reception centres, you will be offered daily food and in others you can cook for yourself.

You must participate in the work or study activities organised at the reception centre. If you refuse to do so, your reception allowance may be reduced.

Professional staff from the social and healthcare sector work at reception centres. In different situations that you consider problematic, you can turn to the reception centre staff confidentially. As an asylum seeker, you are entitled to receive emergency health care.  If you do not have a common language with the professional staff, you may receive the help of an interpreter.

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