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Family reunification almost always requires a secure income

A secure income for your family means that you have sufficient assets to support them. If, for example, you have a spouse and two children, about €2,600 a month after taxes should be at the disposal of your family.

Your income is calculated as your earned income, your income from business operations or your property. Income is also calculated as certain Finnish social security benefits, such as child benefit, student benefit or housing benefit.

The condition for income is not required if

• you have been granted asylum in Finland and
• your family was formed before you came to Finland and
• your family members are applying for a residence permit within three months of when you received knowledge of your favourable asylum decision.

If your income is not secure, your family members may not necessarily be allowed to come to Finland. The income requirement may be deviated from for a particularly weighty reason or if the benefit of a child so requires.

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