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On this page there is information about seeking asylum in Finland

Family reunification only concerns immediate family

Your family members may apply for a residence permit in Finland on the basis of family ties, but not until you have received a positive decision on your asylum application. You should prepare for the fact that being granted a decision on your own application and the applications of your family members takes a long time, sometimes even years from when you left your home country. Bringing your family to Finland does not always succeed.

The Finnish concept of family is narrower than in many other countries. A residence permit may usually only be granted to immediate family. For an adult, immediate family means a spouse and minors whose guardian is the adult of the family. A minor’s immediate family comprises guardians and minor siblings.

Your family may apply for a residence permit in Finland electronically at the Enter Finland website. You may also apply for a residence permit abroad at a Finnish mission.

All your family members applying for a residence permit must go in person to the Finnish mission for identification and to give fingerprints, even if your family makes the residence permit application electronically. Any possible interview of your family members is also done at the mission.

Because Finland does not have a mission in all countries, your family members may have to travel to another country. In such a case, they must be prepared to apply for a visa for the country in question.

Nowadays, the residence permit applications of family members are always chargeable. The processing of your applications will not begin until you have paid the processing fees.

Granting residence permits for your family usually requires you to have a secure income and to be able to provide for your family in Finland. Adequate income can be calculated, for example, from your salary, income from business activities or assets.

Such income requirements do not apply, however, if you are applying for asylum or refugee status in Finland on or after 1 July 2016. A further requirement is that your family members apply for a residence permit within three months of when you are notified about your asylum decision, and your family was formed before you came to Finland.

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