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How can you be granted asylum in Finland?

You can seek asylum in Finland if you have just reason to fear being persecuted in your home country or your permanent country of residence.

In order to apply for asylum, you must travel to Finland and personally inform the border control authorities or the police that you wish to apply for asylum. You may not seek asylum at a Finnish mission abroad or by contacting Finland from abroad by letter or e-mail.

Asylum or refugee status

You may be granted asylum or refugee status in Finland if you left your homeland or country of permanent residence because you have just reason to fear persecution there. The reason for persecution may be

  • ethnic origin
  • religion
  • nationality
  • membership of a certain social group
  • political opinion.

A further requirement is, that on account of your fear, you are unwilling to turn to the country concerned for protection.

For example, the persecution of women based on their gender may be accepted as grounds for asylum. In that case, the reason for persecution is membership of a certain social group.

The provisions of the Finnish Aliens Act for the granting of asylum are the same as in the Geneva Convention, to which Finland is committed.

Residence permit on the grounds of subsidiary protection or other grounds

In conjunction with a decision on your asylum application, the Finnish Immigration Service will determine whether you are eligible for a residence permit on other grounds, if you are not eligible for asylum in Finland. A residence permit based on subsidiary protection may be granted if, in your home country or permanent country of residence, you are facing the threat of

  • the death penalty
  • execution
  • torture
  • other inhuman treatment or treatment that violates human dignity.

Subsidiary protection status may also be granted if you cannot return to your home country or permanent country of residence without subjecting yourself to serious personal danger on account of armed conflict taking place there.

At the same time, the Finnish immigration service will determine whether you may be granted a residence permit on other grounds, such as

  • being unable to leave Finland
  • on compassionate grounds
  • as a victim of human trafficking.

A residence permit may also be granted if you have a job, study place or family member in Finland. In that case, you must have a passport, you must make a separate residence permit application and you must pay the application handling fee. If you do not have a passport, a residence permit may only be granted in an exceptional case.

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