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On this page there is information about seeking asylum in Finland

In Finland it is difficult to live without a residence permit

As an asylum seeker, you are entitled to be in Finland without a visa or residence permit only until you receive a decision on your asylum application.

While you are awaiting the decision, your right to do paid work is limited. As an asylum seeker, you may work in Finland either three or six months after applying for asylum.

  • The limit is three months if you presented a valid passport or other travel document to the authorities when you made your asylum application.
  • The limit is six months if you did not present any travel documentation.

Your right to work is valid until the decision issued on your asylum application becomes final.

  • If you receive a positive decision on your asylum application, you will receive a residence permit, which almost always includes the right to work.
  • If you receive a negative decision on your asylum application, but nevertheless you remain in Finland, you are illegally in the country. In that case, you do not have the right to work or study. Your family may not apply for a residence permit in Finland on the grounds that you are living here.

If you are resident in Finland without a residence permit, you do not have the right to social security, insurance or often even public health care. You cannot receive a Finnish identity number, which will make it difficult to take care of many things. You need an identity number, for example, when dealing with the authorities, banks and hospitals. Persons living illegally in the country are also more likely to become victims of human trafficking, for example.

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