On this page there is information about seeking asylum in Finland

Money received in Finland, how far does it go?

The reception allowance is meant for the basic essentials such as food, clothing and minor healthcare expenses. At some reception centres, you will be offered daily food and in others you can cook for yourself. If you receive food from the centre, the amount of reception allowance will be less. If you cook for yourself, you must buy the ingredients with the reception allowance.

Reception allowance may be €3 per day

The amount of reception allowance varies and it is not granted to all applicants. If an applicant has his/her own assets or is employed and starts to receive pay, the amount of reception allowance granted will be smaller or it may not be granted at all.

The basic part of reception allowance per month in euros in 2018:

Meals not served/€      Meals at the reception centre/€
Living alone or single guardian  312.23  91.52
Others of 18 or over 263.78  75.36
Child living with his/her family  199.18  59.21


Monthly pocket money for an underage asylum seeker who has arrived alone, in euros in 2018:


Meals at the reception centre/€
Under-16 who has arrived alone *26.92
16-18 year-old who has arrived alone *48.44


*Pocket money may also be less if so justified, taking into account the child’s age and level of development.

In Finland, food, living costs and services are more expensive that in many other countries.
In Finland, food costs about 20% more than the average for EU countries. According to surveys, Finland is the seventh most expensive European country when comparing food prices.


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