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There is no guarantee of asylum in Finland – be prepared also for a negative decision

In recent years, many people have set out on a dangerous journey to Europe in the belief that they will receive asylum and work, a good income and later be with their families. Many are disappointed when their expectations do not correspond with reality.

The conditions for asylum and other residence permits are prescribed in law very precisely, and you should have good and compelling grounds in order to be able to remain in Finland. For example, poverty, poor social standing or unemployment are not enough to be granted asylum or a residence permit in EU countries.

If you apply for asylum in Finland, your application will be processed individually. This means that the authorities will examine whether you really do have the right to international protection. You should prepare for the fact that a decision on your asylum application will take a long time. Even after that, receiving asylum or another kind of residence permit is not a matter of course.

Your family members left abroad may only apply for a residence permit in Finland after you have received a positive decision on your asylum application. The processing of the applications of your family members will also take a long time. Even if you are granted a residence permit for both yourself and your family, you may still have to be apart from each other for years.

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